What really stops you from selling?

Does your inner voice sometimes prevent you from selling? 

Through my work I meet a lot of start-ups and a key challenge for them is often sales. The great innovative ideas are plenty, the energy to produce and even market it are floating but when it comes to direct sales the energy stops. 

I have questioned a lot of start-ups on the matter and it seems that one of the main reasons for the energy loss is the inner voice saying things like ”what if they ask me a lot of questions I can’t answer”, "what if they think I am too expensive" or ”what if they don’t want to buy?” 


Dealing with the ”what if’s”

I don’t know about you, but my inner voice won’t quiet even if I tell it to. However, letting the ”what if’s” guide you will not help you succeed with your business - or in life in general for that matter. Fortunately, there is a way out of it. 

The best way to deal with your ”what if’s” is to actually listen and think them through. Write them down if you have to. Challenge them with the question: “then what?” If the potential customer asks you a question you can’t answer, then what? 

Your answer might then be, that you will not know what to say or you will look stupid and loose a potential sale. Think about it, how realistic is that, really? Are there other options?


Reversed thinking

Flip it around for a sec, could the situation be positive?

In a sales perspective a question you can’t answer is considered an opening for further dialogue. You can come back to the person with an answer and perhaps that was great help for him or her. Perhaps it was important knowledge to gain for you for your further sales. Nonetheless, if you try to reverse your ”what if’s” they often turn out to be possibilities to learn. 

Try it out, what if it works?

If you tried to reverse and think through your inner prevention, please share your experience with a comment below.


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