Selling is walking hand in hand with fear

I sat there in front of a client. She was a sales person herself, dominant and playful towards what I came to offer. It felt like she was testing me. Still I knew I had something of value to offer her if she was humble enough to acknowledge it. My heart was pounding. We had been talking for an hour and the conversation went well. Still I felt uncertain about her.

She was proud for sure. I had to dare. I heard her ask me if I had any further suggestions. And I heard myself say the words strongly without hesitation. This was the right moment and I was risking it. She hesitated for a few seconds, thought about my suggestion and then agreed. That was it. We wrapped up and ended the meeting.


Naked and afraid

Does selling sometimes feel like an out of body experience to you as well? You are not alone. Some enjoy the excitement and some find it a bit too exiting. Some feel naked and afraid to be rejected.

Those negative thoughts are your friend. Fear is there to protect you. My fear is trying to prevent me from being hurt. Rejections hurt because it feels personal, even if my logic knows it isn’t. I do many things to prevent it. Lower my price, stop calling potential clients or hide myself behind other tasks like building on my website, buying office furniture or clicking through SoMe channels.

However, I am an entrepreneur and if I don’t sell my dream of building a strong consultancy company wont come true. That is a much stronger motivator than to protect myself from rejections. So I have to face the sales situations and overcome the fear to make my dream come true.

I still appreciate the fear. It helps me step up and do my best. It helps me feel stronger every time I overcome it. And it keeps me humble towards the people I coach when I ask them to overcome their fears in sales.


Fear is your friend

The great thing about emotions is that once you recognize them, you don’t have to do much more. You will feel relieved of it. All you have to do is recognize your fear of selling. Look at what your fear is giving you and find that motivator to overcome it. What will it give you to sell more? Keep that in mind as you walk into that next sales meeting.

After a while you will realize that fear is telling you that you are daring to do new things. You are out of your comfort zone, which is where you learn and develop yourself. Now fear has become your friend.


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