Selling is walking hand in hand with fear

I sat there in front of a client. She was a sales person herself, dominant and playful towards what I came to offer. It felt like she was testing me. Still I knew I had something of value to offer her if she was humble enough to acknowledge it. My heart was pounding. We had been talking for an hour and the conversation went well. Still I felt uncertain about her.

What really stops you from selling?

Does your inner voice sometimes prevent you from selling? 

Through my work I meet a lot of start-ups and a key challenge for them is often sales. The great innovative ideas are plenty, the energy to produce and even market it are floating but when it comes to direct sales the energy stops. 

Less numbers and real effort will get you higher

We are obsessed with numbers. We measure it all; likes, followers, subscribers, leads, sales, revenue etc. Numbers are important. They tell us if we are reaching our goals, which are SMART and measurable. Reaching beyond your goal makes you a high performer.

Stop selling!

You know you have to sell, it is part of your job description or part of being an entrepreneur, but you really don’t like it. Recognise this?

Selling is to some people equivalent to force-feeding someone with something they don’t want.

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