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About Rapohr

Sussi Kirstine Abildgaard

How powerful would it be to learn the methods of sales communication from some of the world’s most successful consulting firms?

I have invested more than 10 years in bid managagement and sales communications as a teamlead and Nordic lead of Bid Marketing at PwC, KPMG and Accenture.

Through bid counceling, workshops or coaching you will develop your competences and strategies in sales and communications. You will feel the effect of coaching from the first session.

My unique approach is based on many years of hands-on sales experience combined with a Master degree in communications and a business- and life coach certification from Manning Inspire.


Sales Workshops
I attended a workshop with Rapohr where I was taught to pitch an idea or a message. I have never been this clear on how to approach my clients before. I will recommend all who wants something in sales to attend. You will receive tremendous value.
- Rasmus Bjørn Andersen, founder of Raz-Spa

Through the years I have conducted workshops in the US, Europe and Nordics, online and face to face. I always engage my atten- deees and adapt my workshops to your level and needs.


Learn the methods from global consultants and perfect your pitch. This workshop is a thorough walk through of storytelling, messages, visual elements and presentation technique. We spend two full days and base the workshop on your current pitch.

We begin with the messages and build the story from there. Then we consider the format (power point, whiteboard, drawings, brochures, demo etc). Finally we rehearse your pitch several times. We can add videorecordings as a tool to improve your bodylanguage.


Become an improved version of you on a stage. We work with the story, the structure, the tools, voice and bodylanguage. A workshop is typically 4 hours. It is based on practical learning with all attendees actively involved.


Create a red thread in your messages to convince your audience. We will work with the Message House method to develop compelling and differentiated messages. It is a 3 hour workshop that focuses on your current cases.


Salescoaching helped me overcome barriers and to change perspective. I went from fearin rejections ot think that if I don’t play I don’t win.
- Consultant, Accenture

Reach your full potential in sales through coaching. It is the most effectful way of breaking mental preventions and increase your engagement. You will feel the effect from the first session.

1:1 salescoaching is offered as a package of 7 hours/person. First meeting is face ot face. Following sessions can be online/phone.
You will receive:

  • full overview of your preventions in sales
  • a detailed plan to overcome them
  • a personal and practical approach to your sales activites
  • increased engagement and initiative

Teamcoaching is recommended to the team who wishes to define common goals and a detailed plan to reach them. Teamcoaching is a half-/full day workshop with minimum one follow up meeting of approx. 2 hours.
You will receive:

  • increased personal commitment from the entire team
  • a detailed plan with milestones and goals
  • increased team spirit and freed discussion


With Sussi we succeeded developing a great tender within a very tight deadline. I experienced Sussi as a very competent consultant who lifted the job with great engagement.
-Lars Smith, Partner, Odgers Berndtson

How would it improve your business if you learned the secrets behind global pricewinning proposals? Bid counseling is a 3 step model. It has been developed throughout my +10 years working with global tenders ranging from 1 MDKK till 100 MUSD at PwC, KPMG and Accenture.


We start with your value proposition and build compelling key messages that are matching the buyers needs, your offerings and how you differentiate from competition.


Based on the messages we develop a visual profile that includes tagline, images, colors and products like brochures, apps, posters, packaging etc. I will consult and facilitate the process while act as the intermediate between designers and tender team.


The presentation is where the final decision is usually made. Win this and you often win the deal. We will develop a story, visuals and rehearse your performance.


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